New Website Launch

Welcome Back!

And Welcome to our new website!

We’re very sorry about the recent down time. This platform migration had been planned for some time, just not quite yet, and not quite like this. Unfortunately our previous system has been broken in many ways for some time now. This meant we were wasting way too much time fixing and working around an increasing number of issues, and combined with recently discovered security vulnerabilities meant bringing the launch forward quickly was in the best interest of everyone. On the down side this means the site isn’t as complete or polished as we’d originally hoped, but regardless, we’re super excited to finally have the flexibility to bring you the products and services in a way our researchers deserve!
(We know things aren’t quite perfect yet, but we’re working on it as we go, and without further down time!)

So what’s new?

New Products

We’ve added lots of new products already, including a whole new range (Nootropics), but these aren’t all. Over the next few weeks and months we have many more new products planned for launch for your researching pleasure. We’ll keep you updated as they’re being rolled out, along with any sales and promotions that go with them.

New Payment Methods

We now support Bitcoin payment at the checkout. Though at this point this is pretty much an industry norm, we are also working on bringing you more, pottentialy industry leading, country and region specific payment solutions to make shopping with us more convenient. We’ll keep you updated as these become available.

New Shipping Areas

Some of you may have noticed the we had already resumed shipping to Spain shortly before the old site went down. Well now we’ve also resumed shipping to Germany (on selected products) and are hoping to resume shipping to the UK (on selected products) in the next couple of weeks too! 
To support these new changes, along with all the other restrictions various countries and products incur in our field, we’ve introduced a more convenient method of controlling product purchase options. Products not available to purchase in your country will now either not be displayed at all, or declare it on the product page. In addition, if somehow you end up with a product not available to ship to your country in your cart, this will be removed automatically at checkout, helping to eliminate the guess work and frustration.
(Please note, while we have tried to account for all scenarios at launch, this will always be subject to change and fine tuning)

Improved Shipment Tracking

Our shipment tracking sytem has seen much improvement over the old website (not really hard, it was broken). Shipment tracking numbers for both UPS and Post.NL tracked services will now be provided as live links on your order completion emails and in your order list in ‘My Account‘ area of our website.
In addition we’re looking to introduce SMS and push notifications soon™  to help keep you updated on the status of your purchases in real time.

Improved Support

We’ve already migrated away from our old antiquated and insecure email service to a far more efficient and secure system, which should help improve email support response times. In addition to this, coming next month will be be a new ticketing system, allowing us to more effectively handle your requests, and allowing you to get support direct from your order page, and communicate with us without leaving the website. We’re aiming to maximise convenience while minimising the need for support.

Improved Security

Security concerns were one of the biggest pushes to launch our new site sooner rather than later. Recently, several vulnerabilies had been discovered in our previous platform, which had already seen abuse for many ecommerce retailers. Keen to avoid this happening to us, we were working hard in the background to keep the holes plugged, but ultimately, the old platform lacked the flexibility to stay on top of these concerns without increasing downtime. Our new platform gives us that flexibility, allowing us to react to possible threats in real time, without the down time.