New Range of Lysergamides

Dear Customers, A little later than originally planned, we continue our catalogue update by bringing you our new range of Lysergamides, available in a variety of dosages. Introducing: 1V-LSD (Valerie) LSZ ETH-LAD 1cP-AL-LAD Additionally, we’ve introduced microdosing options for our already popular 1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD products, and added a Lysergamide sample pack for those unsure […]

New Range of Diazepine Pellets

Dear Customers, Following on from the recent ban of many of our favourite research chemicals, we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of Benzodiazepine Pellets to satisfy your researching needs. Introducing: Deschloroetizolam Pellets (5mg) Pyrazolam Pellets (3mg) Norflurazepam Pellets (5mg) Flubromazepam Pellets (8mg) We hope this comes as good news to […]

Ongoing E-mail outage ## Resolved ##

Dear Customers, We are continuing to experience DDoS attacks against our email server (since 22/10/2021) resulting in support outages and intermittent access. Though we have been assured this issue will be resolved soon, we are continuing to experience a serious degradation in service. We’d like to sincerely apologise for the disruption in responding to your […]

Discontinued Products – 27/10/2021

Product Update: Due to a surprise legislation change on 27/10/21, the following substances are now discontinued and no longer available for purchase: Stimulants: 3-MMC 4-CMC A-PHP Dissociatives: 3-Meo-PCP Diazepines: Etizolam Flualprazolam Clonazolam Diclazepam We apologise for the inconvenience, and as ever, will strive to bring you alternative products for your research needs. AnyChem

New Website Launch

Welcome Back! And Welcome to our new website! We’re very sorry about the recent down time. This platform migration had been planned for some time, just not quite yet, and not quite like this. Unfortunately our previous system has been broken in many ways for some time now. This meant we were wasting way too […]