New Range of Lysergamides

Dear Customers, A little later than originally planned, we continue our catalogue update by bringing you our new range of Lysergamides, available in a variety of dosages. Introducing: 1V-LSD (Valerie) LSZ ETH-LAD 1cP-AL-LAD Additionally, we’ve introduced microdosing options for our already popular 1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD products, and added a Lysergamide sample pack for those unsure […]

New Range of Diazepine Pellets

Dear Customers, Following on from the recent ban of many of our favourite research chemicals, we are delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of Benzodiazepine Pellets to satisfy your researching needs. Introducing: Deschloroetizolam Pellets (5mg) Pyrazolam Pellets (3mg) Norflurazepam Pellets (5mg) Flubromazepam Pellets (8mg) We hope this comes as good news to […]