Stimulant Restrictions to France

Unfortunately, due to recent multinational legal pressures the industry is currently facing, we have been forced to restrict the sale of 3-CMC, 2-MMC and Synthacaine to France. To be clear; We no longer sell 3-CMC, 2-MMC or Synthacaine to France or its constituent provinces. We apologise for the rather abrupt introduction of these measures, however […]

New Range of Lysergamides

Dear Customers, A little later than originally planned, we continue our catalogue update by bringing you our new range of Lysergamides, available in a variety of dosages. Introducing: 1V-LSD (Valerie) LSZ ETH-LAD 1cP-AL-LAD Additionally, we’ve introduced microdosing options for our already popular 1P-LSD & 1cP-LSD products, and added a Lysergamide sample pack for those unsure […]